How To Get Your Art In A Gallery

How To Get Your Art In A Gallery

If you are an aspiring artist, or even an established one, displaying your art, eventually selling it,at an art gallery is as big a dream come true as it gets. It may seem very strange to try and sell your art by marketing it on your own, but it is definitely a skill that every artist needs to master to make their work stand out. Here are some tips to help you with getting your work displayed at your favourite art gallery.


First do a self critical analysis of your own work. Think whether all your paintings have your unique touch to it, giving the impression that it was drawn by one single person. Individuality is very important in the art world, and the more you there is your work, the better the chance to get your work displayed at a gallery.


Understand The Art Community

Before simply shipping your artworks to art galleries, there are certain things that need to be done. You need to establish yourself as a budding artist, and for that you will need to go to other art expos, meet other fellow artists and make acquaintances with them. It is also important to keep in touch with curators and art gallery owners so that you are a familiar face to them. Keep an eye out on what makes other people’s art end up on art gallery walls and try to change the subjective tone of your work, because the meaning of art may be subjective, but so are people’s taste. Do not undermine any opportunity you get because you never know when or what your big break might be, so always keep trying to put your best work in every place possible.

Use The Power Of The Internet

Having a solid online presence can help you get a long way. Have a well organised website in your name. A website with your own work is as much a CV as it is an art page. Your work is out there for the world to see. You can monetize on the website by selling framed art works, and with the power of social media and digital marketing you can increase the reach of your website. You can also collaborate with other artists if you have only a few artworks to show. It can not only help increase your visibility and reach but also give you new ideas.

Present Yourself As an Artist

Present Yourself As an Artist

You should have a good sense of self and pride in saying that your work is in fact yours and never be apologetic for its style, because it is a style that defines you. Always be ready to explain what your art is about, what your motivations are and how well you can present your work, because a good artist knows what they mean with their work.



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