What To Wear At An Art Show

What To Wear At An Art Show

As the saying goes “The first impression is the best impression”. Art shows are everywhere now. The demand for quality contemporary art has skyrocketed in the past decade for their aesthetic beauty, expression, and show of superiority. There is hardly even a cafe where a few eye catching contemporary artworks are displayed now. So it is safe to say that art shows are increasingly becoming a popular place of social union as well. That brings to light an important question: what do you wear to an event such as an art show?

Art shows are of diverse types. They can be small cramped places with the walls suffocatingly close knit with paintings, or they could be large and expansive with one wall dedicated to just one artwork. Whatever the case, it is always best to dress for the occasion. You don’t want to go somewhere and stick out like a sore thumb.

Google Ahead

First find out what kind of venue you are going to. Even though there is no exact dress code it is best to know what people usually wear to places like these. Do a quick Google search of where the location of the show is, whether it is on a posh commercial street or on a sidestreet filled with busy bustling traffic. Search for the previous year’s show and get an idea of who wore what at the said art gallery during that event.

Private Gallery

Private Galleries

These are usually for-profit art exhibitions ranging from the massive Tim Faulkner Gallery in Kentucky to the tiny Firecats Project Gallery in Chicago. Apart from art expos, they may also host poetry slams, concerts, stand up comedy and even dances to bring in people from all tastes. So at such events, where a certain niche isn’t exactly specified, your best choice would be to don a smart casual outfit, nothing too casual, and yet not too flamboyant either. However, there are certain art galleries like in Brooklyn where the poshness of the people reflects on the attire they pick to go to an art show. If the area seems posh, it is best to go all out fashionista than be left out.

Art Festivals

There have been an increasing number of art festivals all over the world. These may be indoor or outdoor festivals, depending on the season in which it is being hosted. One of the advantages of such art festivals is that the season dictates the attire. If it’s summer, everyone will be wearing tank tops and trousers, while winter brings out the wools and furs. Another advantage is that certain art festivals may be themed, like for Halloween, Christmas or for the summer, so it is quite the easy take on what to wear.